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UPCOMING SEMINARS for 2014-2015:

The team at Promotional Prep has outlined its preparation seminars for the upcoming testing season in New Jersey. As the state’s leading fire service promotional preparation company, our commitment to personal, one-on-one tutoring for the oral assessment part of your exam is second to none. Take a look:

2 Day Oral Assessment Prep Class

♦ Command Based Questions
♦ Task Based Questions including:
    • Search and Rescue / R.I.C.
    • Fire Attack, Ventilation
♦ Supervisory Questions
    • Employee performance issues
    • Conflict resolution
♦ Follow Up Questions/ Escalating Situations
    • Mayday – Flashover/F.F. Down/Missing
    • Hazardous Situations/Back drafts / Collapse
    • Evacuation/Withdrawal of forces
♦ Offensive to Defensive Operations
♦ Occupancy Based Structural Firefighting Guides!
WITH….oral test scenarios and answers with an in-depth review to assure your perfect score on the oral assessment!!

Place: Wyndham Hotel, 1111 Rt.73, Mt.Laurel, NJ
Date: December 3 & 4
Time: 9 am
Price: $395.00

Place: Holiday Inn 283 Rt.17 Hasbrouck Heights NJ
Date: December 8 & 9
Time: 9 am
Price: $395.00

Although this is considered a NJ Company Officer based exam, its content and measurability continue to be used in all promotional exams for the ranks of Lieutenant and Captain, across the country. All neighboring state fire officers are welcome to attend!
* Members from NY, CT, PA, NH, RI, Mass, Maryland and Virginia have attended with great results!

How to REGISTER: · Call 201-663-1068 or email us at info@promotionalprep.com

JANUARY 2015: VIDEO CLASSES for the ORAL PREP will be scheduled right after the Holidays!

PRIVATE SESSIONS for your Oral Assessment:
In an attempt to provide the most serious student with the best that we offer, students are encouraged to enroll in one of our oral assessment seminars so they can develop the required knowledge and delivery techniques needed. This can then be followed by a series of private sessions to refine your content and delivery. We strongly encourage this approach otherwise you will be spending the first few private sessions working on your basics. Attending one of our seminars and then scheduling a number of private sessions is by far the best formula for success and the best value for your money.
Listed below is our guideline for the ranks being tested. If interested in scheduling a private assessment with a senior staff member @ Promotional Prep, call the office at (201) 663-1068 or e-mail us through our web-site at promotionalprep.com.
As we continue our commitment to preparing students for their upcoming promotional exams, Promotional Prep’s professional and personal approach continues to be second to none!

Company Officer – Lt./Captain:
One, 3- hour session: $425.00
Four, 3- hour sessions: $1500.00

Chief Officer – Battalion/Deputy:
One, 3- hour session: $500.00
Four, 3- hour sessions: $1800.00

Chief of Department:
Call or e-mail office our office for more information.

Stay safe and keep reading!

PS. If you can’t make it to us, check out our home page at promotionalprep.com and take a look at our “home study” programs and our Skype options.

CLASS REGISTRATION and INFORMATION: 201-663-1068 or info@promotionalprep.com

 News ALERT for all of our students!

  • Check out our Home-Study programs at promotionalprep.com. We continue to receive great feedback on their design and measurability!
  • NEW – From Fire Engineering books, "Fire Ground Operational Guides" is NOW AVAILABLE! This text contains 70 operational guides that can be used in designing department SOP’s, training exercises, actual incidents, and most notably; preparation for your upcoming promotional exam. This is a must for your promotional and educational library. This text has become an immediate best seller! You can order your copy today at fireopsonline.com.
  • NEW – Check out Promotional Scenario # 6 "Private Dwelling Fires" at promotionalprep.com. Print it out and add it to your study material.
  • NEW – Check out Training Bulletin # 13 at firegroundsizeup.com. It makes for a great operational guide as well as oral assessment question for your upcoming exam.
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* Check out all the material currently available on these web-sites!

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